French Copper Saucepan Set of 5 Assorted Copper Saucepans with Steel Handles - Tin Lined and Quality HeavyFrench Copper Saucepans – 5 Assorted High Quality Tin Lined Pans with Steel Handles

These heavy, high quality Copper Pans come in varying thicknesses but all have tin lining and riveted steel handles. Individual pans measure:

Diameter 18 cm; thickness 1.5 mm.

Diameter 16 cm; thickness 1.0 mm.

Diameter 14 cm; thickness 2.0 mm.

Diameter 12 cm; thickness 1.0 mm.

Diameter 10 cm; thickness 1.0 mm.

The set Weighs  3.7 Kg.

There is some minor wear and tear as is to be expected but the pans are fully usable and look great on display.
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